Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recommandation to the book "Life As We Knew It"

I would have to say Life As We Knew It was a easy read, but this is not an entertaining book.  It was written in journal style, by a 16 year old named Miranda in her diary revealing the events as they unfold in her life. There was minimum action and very few interesting events, excluding the asteroid colliding with the moon and the natural disasters that happen from it. It's as if this whole Earth changing event never happened to them because of their interior location in the U.S., the only things that truly affected them was the early winter storms, the lost of electricity (most of the time), and shortage of food; but other than that they went on with their regular lives. That made the plot as if someone was sitting there writing everything they did right now, anyone could have done and make it a snooze fest, think of it as the Average Joe writing it all it has is I ate this at this time and nothing much else happened.There is nothing special about the book, for it's like picking up a lost diary and reading it and even the possibly of a asteroid hitting the moon is nonexistent. NASA has mapped almost every comet and asteroid's path it going to travel and if one is going to come near us, they shoot a projectile at it to move it off course.  Additionally, the moon has been pelted by asteroids before and the only thing to happen was a new crater formed, now if one large enough collided to move it; the moon would either explode from the immense energy stored in the collision or if it did move it wouldn't stop the Earth's gravitational pull would bring it close until it devastated the Earth. For that reason, the fatal flaw in the plot ruined the book and gave no other well defined reason to keep reading it happily and move into just get over it and finish it for school.

On the flip side it was dramatic and the tone had a worldly feel to it. It got you feeling their pain and other deafening emotions. Besides those, I can't support the book, it was too dull and you could almost guess what's going to happen next making it pointless to read.  There is nothing good to say about this book, except for rhetorical devices just to bring you closer to the characters.  Think of the book as if you were about to eat the most extravagant meal ever, but turns the favors off and the textures were morphed together that you couldn't tell anything apart, making you disappointed on choosing the meal. That is what this book is like and it makes me want to stop reading these styles of books ever again.

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