Thursday, April 5, 2012

3. comments about content of "Freakonomics"

The purpose of "Freakonomics" was to inform the readers on the hidden life behind economics with incentives.  In chapter one he talks about how sumo wrestlers winning and how they would be shunned in their town for losing and have to win 8 matches, but when they only have 7 and their opponent has 8 which was in there favor. The wrestler with 7 won 80% of the time, which meant their opponent helped them win for their honor. Additionally how teachers would help students cheat on high stake tests, and by this it was stated that there were more correct answers on the difficult end of the section questions, than in the easier general questions at the beginning of it.  This book is like you would be watching it on the news or reading it in the paper, it is full of analysis and data about real life events going on in the world.

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