Thursday, April 5, 2012

8. Compare and contrast

My first book was "Holy the Firm" which was about a women that lived close to a hermits life for a couple months, observing everything in her daily life. It was more about ethical questions and interpretation of the reader on the point she was getting at. She talked about a changing God and other morals in life. While "Freakonomics is the complete opposite it deals with the whole world and everything is presented with data and straight forward.  The are two very different books one on the life of any individual living with only the necessities for survival, but the other is world wide based with subject matters on a variety of aspects in life tied into economics. "Holy the Firm" comes from the beliefs in the mind and uses the readers mind to get a point across, "Freakonomics" uses data and real life situations to get statistics proving the point like we are watching the news.

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