Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book summary

This book would take forgive to summarize it goes so far in depth and it makes you look deep inside what and who God really is. It starts out talking about in nature what God is and how it is connected, her house and who lives with her and what happens in it. Her camping trip watching a moth be engulfed in flames and reading all the time everywhere.  Looking out the window wondering what is real or just an imagination. A plane crash burning a little girls faceand wanting to know why God did this to this girl and not having anyone else suffer. Making apple cider watching the girl play with her cat and trying to whistle, but still enjoying life having a good life laughing when people stare at her sometimes like shes hiding something. The church service and the minister giving a prayer about God's grace and stopping during it saying "Lord, we bring you these same petitions every week." Women bringing flowers to the altar. Wondering what would happen is God didn't like a service what would happen. Watching a baptism and how the water on the mans back weigh like planets and have worlds in each one of them showing color and people inside. Finally goes on and talks about how god is connected to the earth through prayerand belief. There is more that happens, but to put it into words would take forever to explain they are so in depth and you have to read into it, its all about Gods presence and what he does for us and how he is.

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  1. The first sentence is confusing. The summary is confusing. Please re-read and edit yourself for clarity.