Friday, November 18, 2011

Who the author behind the book is

Annie Dillard the author of Holy the Firm and many others like ,Living by Fiction, Teaching a Stone to Talk, Encounters with Chinese Writers, An American Childhood, The Writing Life, 
The Living, Mornings Like This For the Time Being, The Maytrees, Tickets for a Prayer Wheel, and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.  Pulitzer Prize winner for the book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.  She is best known for ecotheological, or ecospiritual, essays.  Her writing have appeared in a number of magazines and loves nature.  She explored a wide range of spiritual traditions, incorporating concepts from Buddhism, Sufism, Judaism, Christianity, and native Eskimo belief systems into her own eclectic outlook.  Went into a woodsy seclusion after a near-fatal bout of pneumonia in 1971 and recovered starting her writing. She worships all gods and beliefs.

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