Sunday, November 27, 2011

Significant events that happened in the book

Not much happens in the book most of it is in her head or looking at nature. there are five specific events she talks about, but the rest is an out of body expercience of thought in describing God and how He belongs playing a part in this world.
1. A moth being consumed by a flame, She watched as a golden female moth gets stuck in the melted wax and her wings ignite like paper, legs and antennae burn away,  mouth parts crackled and head gone.  She wondered if the moth completed her life and done her work by laying eggs and for 2 hours her body burned like another wick.
2. An airplane crash burning a girls face, An engine failure caused a plane to go across the strip and crash the girls father was pulling her out with fuel on her face and an ignition source came shooting out and hit the vapors on her face burning it leaving scars and less skin on her face. She wanted to know why that girl was the only one hurt during it and way God was doing this
3. Making apple cider with her neighbors, They were bringing apples from everywhere in bushels and mashed them up then putting the mash in a pillowcase filtering. But that little girl was there playing with her cat dressing it up as Annie watched her.
4. Going to church, The minister who was a Congregationalistgiving a prayer about God's grace to all and women bringing large arrangements of flowers to the altar.  Then going on and talking about the higher churches and how it more authority and God is held to a higher place than lower ones that could expect Him blasting in any minute ripping a service to bits and this is the beginning of wisdom.
5. Watching a baptism, Two men are bare to the waist walk into the cold beach water and holds one under and he comes back up the beads of water on him make her think of them as worlds alive and apparent seeing people and color inside.

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